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Turmeric Tonic


*Organic Turmeric Root Juice

*Slow-Brewed Organic Vegetable Broth

*Pure Piperine (Black Pepper Extract)

*Organic Applecider Vinegar

*Local Raw Honey

Our Process

We start with a slow-brewed, by hand,  vegetable broth made with Carlsbad Alkaline water and 4lbs of fresh organic vegtable pulp from making our Greenest Juice. The vegetable broth naturally adds essential electrolytes calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium to our drink. 

Next, we juice our fresh organic turmeric root that we source from Kaui Organic Farms using a slow-masticating juicer. Our process exposes the fresh turmeric juice to the air for only 10min vs the hour long exposure and degradation of a large cold-press juicer. Our process protects and  preserves the juice and gives you more nutrients than any other method.

Then, we mix all our ingredients together, gently fill the 8oz jars to the brim, tighten the lids and they’re ready for home delivery or the farmers market. 

This is our process, a small batch process, by hand, yielding just 16 jars at a time. It doesn’t get any fresher.

Organic Vegan Goldenmilk


*Organic Vegan dextrose-free Coconut milk powder

*Fresh Organic Pure Powdered Turmeric Root

*Organic Maple Syrup Powder Grade B (higher mineral content than A)

*Organic Ceylon Cinnamon (a true cinnamon)

*Piperine (pure black pepper extract)

The Perfect Combination

The healthiest and creamiest coconut milk, a robust yet smooth fresh turmeric, the spice and depth of a true cinnamon then lightly sweetened with the absolute best maple syrup. We add just the right amount of pure piperine to maximize the bioavailability and healing properties of the curcumin in the turmeric. A purposeful, perfect and yummy blend.

Enjoy it in...

-A cup of warm alkaline water 

-In your coffee or mint tea

-Mixed into your hot oatmeal

-Sprinkled on baked sweet potatoes 

-Use it to flavor plain protein powder and in smoothies

-Or how ever you’d like

You’re local?!

Come visit  our booths at

Carlsbad Farmers Market 

Wednesdays 3pm-7pm 

2907 State St, Carlsbad CA 92008

Leucadia Farmers Market 

Sundays 10am-2pm.

185 Union St, Encinitas CA 92024

Little Italy Farmers Market

Saturdays from 8am-2pm

600 W Date St, San Diego, CA 92101

Pacific Beach Farmers Market 

Tuesdays 3pm-7pm

901 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

We give free samples of our Turmeric Tonic and Goldenmilk

Free local delivery with a minimum order of 3.

To order for delivery text or call:

Brenda  (661) 714-0647

Ryan  (760) 815-1441

or email

Order online

Facts About the Health Benifits of Turmeric

Why consume turmeric (curcumin) with piperine everyday?

This is a link to a PubMed article the information below is from.

Here are some highlights from the full article:

  1. A powerful antioxidant 
  2. Treats inflammation. 
  3. Decreases pain and increases function in people with osteoarthritis (OA)
  4. Treats high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin sensitivity and obesity. 
  5. It’s also for healthy people. Increases nitric oxide, slows brain aging, improved performance on sustained attention and working memory tasks, mood (general fatigue and change in state calmness, contentedness, and fatigue induced by psychological stress) were significantly better following chronic treatment (with turmeric)


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